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Voordracht over de anatomie door Andreas Bonn voor het departement der Tekenkunde van Felix Meritis (1792)
One of the first series of X-rays ever produced, by Josef Maria Eder and Eduard Valenta
Illustration produced in 1745 by Gautier D’Agoty, based on cadavers dissected by Joseph Duverney
A photo-micrograph by Arthur E. Smith from the book Nature through Microscope & Camera (1909) by Richard Kerr
Jellyfish drawn by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel (1879–81)
Zaal der Natuurkunde in Felix Meritis, 1789
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Wetenschapsavond 20 december 2021

Geachte leden van het ons geliefde genootschap,   Voordat het jaar voorbij gaat willen we u graag uitnodigen voor een wetenschappelijke Zoom bijeenkomst op maandag 20 december, 19 uur die over
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Scientific Zoom-Meeting of the Genootschap

When: Thursday January 28th 2020, 19.00- 20.30hAccess: Open to the public, registration requiredWhere: via Zoom, link available upon registration (please use the form below) News from Astronomy Dr Silvia Toonen
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Jaarvergadering 20 november 2020; Voordracht Prof. Fred van Leeuwen: ‘Epigenetica, inpakken en uitdelen’

Op vrijdag 20 november aanstaande zal de jaarvergadering van het Genootschap tbv Natuur-,  Genees- en Heelkunde via ZOOM worden gehouden.   De jaarvergadering zal starten om 17.00, gevolgd door een voordracht van Fred van Leeuwen
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Aspects of Forensic Science

Prof. Dr. Arian van Asten (UvA- FNWI) “Duizend bommen en granaten” about forensic research of explosives Explosives have many important legal uses, especially in a military and civilian setting. But
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The promise of cancer immunotherapy: from research and industry to the clinic

The treatment of cancer has long rested on three pillars: chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. But in recent years, a fourth pillar has emerged: immunotherapy. The idea of harnessing the immune system to fight cancer has already moved from the lab to the clinic, thanks to technologies such as checkpoint inhibitors and genetically engineered immune cells. Ton Schumacher and Hans van Eenennaam will discuss how immunotherapy is starting to revolutionize the treatment of cancer.
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Changes in the world of scientific publishing

The rules and habits of scientific publishing are rapidly changing. But why are the big publishing firms still so powerful that authors do not receive any financial compensation for their work, have to pay to get their manuscripts published or to read their own publications, and have to give up their copyrights? What are the pro’s and cons of Open Access? Why is the number of new scientific journals exploding? How reliable are the contents of scientific journals? What is the value of the peer review system? And – most relevant today – how can a scientist be judged by his or her publications?
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