Intra-vital imaging in patients

Scientific Meeting

On Thursday 26 September 2013 at 18.00h you are welcome at the Scientific Meeting of the Genootschap. The theme of this meeting is “Intravital imaging in patients”.

Datum26 september 2013
Tijd17:30 – 20:00

Speakers are

dr. Philip Versélewel de Witt Hamer (AMC) – “Mind: the map. Picturing the perfect cut in brain tumor surgery”

Prof.dr. Joep Bartelsman (AMC) – “Gastrointestinal endoscopy: from diagnostics to therapy”

You are welcome from 17.30h for coffee, tea, and sandwiches. The lectures will start at 18.00h and end around 19.30h. After the lectures drinks will be served.


Fonteijnzaal (G0 – 209), Academic Medical Center, Meibergdreef 15, Amsterdam. To reach the AMC:


For this Scientific meeting registration is not required.


Mind: the map. Picturing the perfect cut in brain tumor surgery

dr Philip de Witt Hamer, Neurochirurgisch Centrum Amsterdam, locatie VU medisch centrum

Our brain is complex and incompletely disclosed. A tumor infiltrating the brain requires great care to remove surgically. The outcome of brain tumor surgery depends on two competing priorities: (a) radical tumor removal to control disease, and (b) protection of critical brain regions to preserve functional integrity. Today’s brain tumor surgery has come a long way, but has not arrived with loss of function too often and death from disease too young. To solve this, the perfect cut can be obtained by combining modern brain imaging, current neuroscience, and collaboration between experts in three acts. First, we should clearly picture the infiltrating brain tumor. Second, we should clearly picture a map of the brain’s functions. Third, we need to start picturing the decisions of experienced neurosurgeons, who master the perfect cut, to unleash neurosurgical excellence. This exciting new approach should then bring the perfect cutting edge to tomorrow’s brain tumor surgery for longer survival and higher quality of life.