Geological and Astronomical Views of Planets

Scientific Meeting of the Genootschap

On Tuesday March 25th 24, from 18.00h – 20.00h the Genootschap will organize the first scientific meeting of 2014. The theme is “Geological and Astronomical Views of Planets”.

Datum25 maart 2014
Tijd18:00 – 20:30


  • Prof.dr. Carsten Dominik (UvA, Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy):  “Exoplanets”
  • Prof.dr. Wim van Westrenen (VU, Earth Sciences): “The interiors of Moon and Mars”

The lectures will be followed by a visit to the Anton Pannekoek Observatory.

You are welcome from 17.30h for coffee, tea, and sandwiches. The lectures will start at 18.00h and end around 19.30h. After the lectures there is a possibility to visit the Anton Pannekoek Observatory.

The meeting will take place in room C0.110, Science Park 904, Amsterdam. To reach Science Park:

In view of the visit to the observatory, we would like to ask you to register for this meeting via