The promise of cancer immunotherapy: from research and industry to the clinic

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The treatment of cancer has long rested on three pillars: chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. But in recent years, a fourth pillar has emerged: immunotherapy. The idea of harnessing the immune system to fight cancer has already moved from the lab to the clinic, thanks to technologies such as checkpoint inhibitors and genetically engineered immune cells. Ton Schumacher and Hans van Eenennaam will discuss how immunotherapy is starting to revolutionize the treatment of cancer. 

Ton Schumacher (NKI) has developed novel technologies and is co-founder of several biotech companies to improve personalized cancer immunotherapies.

Hans van Eenennaam (AIMM Therapeutics) is developing antibody-based cancer treatments in Biotech industry; while at Organon, he was involved in the discovery of Keytruda, a game changer in the treatment of cancer in the clinic.


Dr. Hans van Eenennaam (AIMM Therapeutics): “Current and future perspectives on immunotherapy of cancer
Prof. dr. Ton Schumacher (NKI): How our immune system can see tumors as foreign

Time & location

  • Thursday 24 October 2019 at 18.00
  • Piet Borst Auditorium, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Plesmanlaan 121, Amsterdam
  • You are welcome from 17.30h for coffee, tea, and sandwiches. The lectures will start at 18.00h and end around 19.30h. After the lectures drinks will be served.


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